The National Recording Project for
Indigenous Performance in Australia

Prof. Allan Marett and Dr Mandawuy
Yunupiŋu at the Sydney launch of Songs, Dreamings, and Ghosts: The Wangga of North Australia. Photo: L. Barwick, 2005.

The NRP is developing a comprehensive
series of albums and books
to raise awareness about Australias unique and endangered Indigenous performace traditions and promote research excellence in this field.

Album Series | Book Series

Albums Series

The NRP album series, the Indigenous Music of Australia, is published by Sydney University Press.

Volume 1, Wurrurrumi Kun-Borrk: Songs from Western Arnhem Land by Kevin Djimarr, was launched in 2007 at the 6th Symposium on Indigenous Music and Dance in Darwin.

Also be sure to hear these earlier discs which have inspired the NRP album series.

Book Series

The first volume in the NRP book series, Wangga Songs of NW Australia: Recordings, Song-Texts and Translations in Their Historical and Ethnographic Contexts by Prof. Allan Marett, Assoc. Prof. Linda Barwick and Dr Lysbeth Ford, is to be published by Sydney University Press.

It extends Prof. Marett’s award-winning research into the Wangga tradition in Songs, Dreamings, and Ghosts: The Wangga of North Australia by Allan Marett (Middleton: Wesleyan University Press, 2005).

Reviews of Songs, Dreamings, and Ghosts have been published in The Australian, the Journal of Folklore Research and UniNews.

Other commentary on this book and its receipt of the Stanner Award for research excellence in Indigenous Australian Studies is offered by AIATSIS, Long Road, PARADISEC and UniNews.